In Pediatric Dentistry, dental procedures for infants, children, & young adults follow the same basic pattern as adult procedures except for the very important difference that each one is carried out with the particular needs of our young patients, their physical as well as psychological needs. Kids feel comfortable in our clinic and we make sure they are relaxed at all times. We have a great rapport with kids and are attuned to their needs. We use topical anesthesia to numb the gum before injection.

We offer pediatric dental procedures and related services that are designed to either prevent dental problems or correct existing ones. These procedures and services include:

• Dental examinations with digital x-rays achieving 90% reduction in radiation exposure.

• Oral Hygiene preventive care by our excellent team of dental hygienists.

• Application of dental sealants for greatly enhanced protection from tooth decay especially in the vulnerable molar areas.

• Fluoride treatments for overall cavity prevention.

• Metal Free Fillings for stronger and better looking restorations.

• Cosmetic dental bonding for creating a beautiful bright smile.

• Interceptive orthodontics for early diagnosis

• Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC)

• Nitrous Oxide for greater relaxation and comfort during treatment

• Sleep Dentistry for special needs children and adults at our Children’s Surgery Center

At Viva Dent you can be assured of the most advanced and most comfortable dental procedures available anywhere!

About Viva Dent

Vivadent is one of the leading Dental Clinics in Maldives. The clinic was established in 2012 to adhere to the highest standards in safety, hygiene and customer service in Dentistry.

Dr. Satheesh BDS

Dr. Rajkumar MDS (Orthodontist)