Extractions & Impactions

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Impaction is the failure of a tooth to erupt into the dental arch within the specified time. In case of discomfort or pain, the tooth will need to be extracted or exposed surgically. When your mouth lacks the space necessary to properly fit each tooth nature has provided, your dentist may suggest the tooth be removed to prevent overcrowding or damage to your other teeth. This is particularly the case with wisdom teeth that do not erupt through the gumline, and instead remain trapped (or, impacted) beneath the bone in the jaw. With this dental procedure code, the tooth in question is completely covered by a layer of bone, and is referred to as either “completely bony” or “full bony.” This is further complicated because such teeth often come in horizontally instead of vertically, causing the tooth to traject at an angle, interfering with adjacent teeth. An impacted tooth can also become infected, and it is because of these two reasons they are routinely removed.

There are two main types of tooth extraction, “simple,” and surgical. With a simple extraction, the tooth is removed using the same basic tools as with a surgical extraction, but without the need for any type of incision to the gingiva, nor segmenting of the tooth to aid in its removal. In contrast, a surgical extraction would require at least one of these two methods of enhanced extraction. Surgical extraction is covered under a separate dental code, and can also be referred to as an “open” extraction.

An ideal extraction of tooth is defined as painless removal of tooth or root of tooth from its bony attachments with minimal injuries to surrounding investing structures such that there will be minimum post operative complications. Our digital radiography systems decreases the radiographic exposure to minimal levels, our painless anesthesia delivery system like sprays, laser analgesia & microfine needle delivery systems make your dental experience painless & comfortable.

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