Root Canal Therapy

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Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy): Root canal therapy is necessary when a tooth is infected and will not heal on its own. Symptoms include pain when biting and chewing, sensitivity with hot and cold, and constant aching and discomfort. A lot of people are intimidated when they hear the word “root canal”, but at our office there is no need to be afraid. Most general dentists will refer you to an Endodontic specialist, and in some complex cases we may need to refer you to an Endodontic too, but the majority of the time we can take care of this problem for you. This will save you time and extra doctor’s visits. When a tooth becomes badly decayed or infected, a root canal is performed to save it. If the tooth isn’t treated, the surrounding tissue will get infected and abscesses will form. We start with an x-ray to see the size and shape of the root canals, and determine if there is any infection in the surrounding bone. After anesthesia, we place a rubber ring around your tooth to keep it dry, and create an access hole to begin removing the pulp and decayed nerve tissue. Once the tooth is clean, we seal and fill it with a sealer paste and a rubber compound, putting a filling in the access hole. 

Root Canal Procedure: The root canal system is composed of nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrients and feeling to the tooth itself. These structures are housed in a small chamber, or canal, within the tooth. When these structures are disrupted due to infection or trauma, they must be removed; the canal area is then cleaned and sealed.

Symptoms or signs that a root canal is needed: severe pain, sensitivity to cold and hot, abscess, and in some cases no symptoms at all exist.

Depending on the severity of your case, you may require a crown to protect the tooth. This will prevent it from breaking, and restore it to full function. Regardless of whether you get a crown or other restoration following the root canal, you should brush and floss regularly. See us every six months for a cleaning and exam.

Our goal is to keep you pain free while retaining your perfect smile that makes your happiness completely yours! If you are having these kinds of problems or are in a lot of pain, then come to Viva Dent for a checkup so we can see what kind of treatment might be needed.

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